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05 April 2010 @ 04:50 pm



Yuri’s Mixtape.

First Love - Utada Hikaru


CL first met her soulmate when he was debuting.GD first met his heaven on the stage.They came together on the SBS Gayo Special Stage.You can say it’s a miracle or you can say its fate. But..It was Cl’s first crush and later CL’s first love.And this was GD’s first star,first heaven,first sky.

Chum Eun Geuh Jari Eh (Full House OST) Lee Boram


CL Was quickly flying around the apartment building. Flying away from the famous all mighty G-Dragon was what she did best. GD who was much quicker finally grabbed CL’s arm and pulled her towards him; her back towards his chest and whispered, “I finally caught you.” And with those four words CL stopped flying. She stopped her wings and stayed on this little world with her soul mate; her everlasting love.

SS501-Because I’m Stupid


Ji Yong with his glasses and all saw CL. He shyly looked away when she looked up. This has been happening for the last two years. She was the baddest female and he was the king in this family but still he hasn’t got the gets to say he loved her for how long now.He can’t take not being able to love his one and only soul mate. Chae rin Whom was in love with Kwon Ji Yong for about 3 years was now slowly giving up..she didn’t want to but if he didn’t say he loved her then she was nothing more then a friend. But still Ji Yong is the only one she sees. And now that he is dating her best friend. She just has to stand by and watch. Then there was Sandara she also loved G-Dragon but is best friends with chaerin aka CL. And when she finally got the guts to say she loved this boy. He said yes. They were now dating for a year. But she sees him depressed lately. And when hes not depressed its with Chaerin..not her.

Tae Yeon-Can You hear Me?


Ji Yong couldn’t believe it. The girl he has loved for about 4 years in counting. Has said the three words he wanted to hear. I love you. Smiling he was dazed till he heard his voice. “Ji Yong?Can you hear me?”She asked smiling a little. “Of course”He responded.”And I love you too.”He said before placing his lips onto hers.

Sunny-Finally Now


Ji Yong was looking at the now dead rose at his desk, He fingered it gently. Trying to remember why he felt as if all the thorns from that rose has pierced his heart. He then remembered. “Chaerin” Ji Yong knew that he was an idiotic person to even think that he deserved her. She found her cheating on him again.. This was the third time this week. And he guessed that she was done with her heart being some kind of pincushion. He knew that it was all his fault. And now when he went onto the stage he felt hollow and alone now. At that moment one of the lights fell at him. And the first person he saw was his girlfriend or was his ex girlfriend Chaerin. She was sleeping at him bedside her hand interlocked with his. And once he tried to move (although he didn’t want to) she woke up. And once she saw him he saw anger, concern, and most importantly love in her eyes. “Babo.”She said.tears running down her eyes. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!?” She yelled and cried into his chest. “You should have been more careful. You IDIOT” and Ji Yong finally knew why his heart finally felt better.Because out of all the medications there was in the world..only one can make his heart heal. Lee Chaerin. His sky, his heaven, his star, his soul mate, his forever.

Super Junior - Why I Like You

http://www.ihoneyjoo.com/albums/super-junior-sorry-sorry-album/ (This is the entire album)

I don’t know if it’s the way you laugh or the way you smile. I just know that you are the only one I can ever love. You are my air you are my star my heaven. Maybe that why I cant stand being away from you.

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K.E.N ♔: SkyDragon  • My Butterflysweet_yundragon on April 6th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
Its moments like this that I feel my love for you growing! :D Hey where have you been!?
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