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15 November 2010 @ 07:37 pm
come with me ch. one  

TITLE: come with me
CHAPTER: Grenade Chapter 1
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these people.
Summary:Chaerin loved Jiyong. Jiyong never saw Chaerin then a sister. Although they weren't blood related. Chaerin is his sister by adoption.


Chaerin was at the bar drinking as many strong drinks as she can get. Drowning away from the reality that she had to live in. The fact that her one true love was getting married to the girl that hated her. She could feel herself filling up with all the poison she drank, her sadness was slowly dragging but so was her grasp on reality. 

Jiyong was worried his little sister hasn't come back for a hours. She heard that she went to a party at the opening of the club but slowly grew worried. 

"Jiyong-ah.." Bom came in and then kissed his lips. "come back to bed and lets have another round."she said to her fiance who was outside on the balcony will a glass of whisky and ice in a glass cup. As she hugged his back he felt himself getting stiff and then she let go. "Whats wrong?"

"Chaerin hasn't been home yet. Mom and dad are downstairs and are worried."He said before taking a sip. "Where the fuck can she be?"

Bom grew angry."i bet shes being her crazy self and out partying and having a life. Just stop worrying and come with me to bed baby!" She said pouting now.

Jiyong just groaned and shook her off."She's my little sister! HOW COULD I NOT!?"He said before turning away from her. 'just leave me alone."

Bom frowned and nodded,"of course. I love you so I will do as you want." 

Jiyong just threw the glass cup onto the floor. "DAMN IT KWON CHAERIN WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?"

Chaerin kept drinking her heart out then she saw her brother's best friend Youngbae so she kept her head down and sipping as many drinks possible. 

"Chaerin-ah.You can't hide from me."Youngbae said sitting next to her. "why are you here?Jiyong is probably worried sick. Why aren't you home."

"To hell I won't. That bitch Bom is still there. She hates me. I hate her. They had a party. THEY are the guests of honor and I am just the fucking adopted sister!"She yelled at him pushing him away from him. "AND I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!."She said standing now."like leaving."She hissed before turning around and going through the dance floor and outside the door and tried to open the door. Youngbae running behind her grabbed her hand and turned her around. 

"ARE YOU INSANE! if you drive in this condition then you'll die!"

"Why do you care!? why does anyone care about me?!
THAT MUCH AND I DONT KNOW WHY YOU SHOULD EITHER!"she said before whipping his hand away and entering the car and starting the engine.She opened the window and looked at him. "And if I die. I don't have to feel this kind of pain anymore."She mumbled and then drove off.

"Shit."Youngbae mumbled then called Hyunjoong. "Yeah she's drunk again and she's driving this time."
"Are you fuckin serious?"Hyunjoong said while he was cooking and watching the news and then Youngbae heard a crash.

"Hey bro whats up!?"

"There was an accident. And it was a white Bentley that had a distinctive crest. The Kwon Crest."

  Jiyong was sleeping next to Bom until he heard his mother screaming and crying loudly. He woke up put on his robe and slowly left the room without much of a noise bothering Bom and as he went down his stairs he felt a cold chill. Like someone just died. And as he entered the kitchen he saw his mother bawling her eyes out, his father yelling into the phone. "Appa. Umma. What's wrong?"he said hoping it wasn't what he thought it was. 

"Chaerin was in an accident...her body can't be found."Her mother said bawling her eyes out again.

Jiyong dropped his hands as did his heart. "her body can't be found?"He repeated then fell on his knees. "How is that..."

Bom got up and got her phone and looked at the latest text.

'we got her. we're taking her away. damn you're lucky we followed her and Lucky for us she lost her memories. Some kind of trauma. but we'll go to america. Just remember the continuous payments.-D.M.C'

*1.5 Years Later*

Jiyong was at the desk signing papers, as the new CEO for a year now for Kwon Enterprise, he was stressed. The youngest since his father just dropped ever since....Chaerin's death. Jiyong just groaned outloud then threw the pen onto the wall and covered his face with his hands. 

"Kwon Chaerin,why did you have to leave me. Why am I so cold? Why do I feel no warmth anymore?"he said shaking his head his chest giving off a sharp pain. 

"Mr. Kwon. Sandara Park, Minzy Gong, Changmin Shim,And Faith Lee are here for their interview."Miss.Min stated.

"Postpone them. I'm GOING home."He yelled and grabbed his suit jacket and bumped into a girl with blonde hair.

"oh im sorry."She said in a voice that Jiyong that he would never here. 


"Faith!"A tall boy yelled and kissed her cheek. "come on we have to go check out our new home." He said and took her hand.

"Well i'm sorry for bumping into you. "She said before following the boy.


Author's Note:PUHA hell yeah. I'm back >D LMAO <33 



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