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21 November 2010 @ 02:52 pm
Come With Me Ch. two  

TITLE: come with me
CHAPTER UPDATE: Chapter Two:Walk Away
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these people.
Summary:Chaerin loved Jiyong. Jiyong never saw Chaerin then a sister. Although they weren't blood related. Chaerin is his sister by adoption.

How this all happened.
Who can recall.
We would have to go back to the beginning.
Where one has to think about.
where boundaries are created.
when all that was good...



"damn it!"A 17 year old Jiyong yelled before throwing the piece of paper into the trashcan and starting over.

"Oppa?"A small knock came from his door and he saw his 14 year old sister Chaerin looking at him with a slight smile. "Come on it's Umma's birthday we have to eat dinner."

"Araso Chaerin. Just go. Oppa still has to make a Valentine's card for his fiance,Park Bom."He said his face struggling to actually write something to the woman he didn't love. To the woman his parent's arranged for him to marry.

Chaerin came into his room and smiled at him. "Oh oppa. you always have trouble righting the right thing."She said before coming next to him and reading from his back. "Really oppa? you never should say I won't ever love you. To a girl. Or else she may tell umma."

Jiyong chuckled."oh right. that witch has that power." Before taking his sister's hand that was placed on his shoulder. "you're too good to be true Chaerin-ah.You know that right?"

Chaerin nodded."of course. After all I am the sky of the Kwon family right?"She said with a slight smile. "and you were so happy that I was born to umma huh!" She smiled softly again before heading to the door. "Come down soon. or the chefs will kill you for making their steak get cold."She said with a giggle then left her brother's room.

"That is just the thing Chaerin-ah..you're not born into this family....you're not like me...thats why you dont have to go through this."


"Honey. We have to tell him."He heard his father say when he put little 12 year old Chaerin to bed and now they were arguing.

"He's not ready!"He heard his mother say in the kitchen.

"He is old enough"his father said then he heard a fist come down on the table.

Jiyong quietly went downstairs to where his father and mother should be and quietly tried to listen on what they were talking about.

"How can we tell our son that his sister is not really his sister! How can i tell him that I couldn't conceive him a sibling! OR even keep a child in be for a full nine months after him...and that we lied about Chaerin and how she was actually adopted!"He heard his mother yell and then he felt his heart drop.

Chaerin isn't my sister?

"Appa..Umma.."Jiyong croaked and looked at his parents. "What do you mean by she was adopted. I remember that you told me when I was three that you were pregnant with a sister!"

"Jiyong-ah!"His mother said with a gasp before falling onto the kitchen chair. "well you see Umma....."

"Jiyong-ah. Your umma was pregnant but by the eighth month...the baby died inside of her..so shocked and not wanting to not tell you. We went to the orphanage and found a baby girl there that was born a week ago and thought since Umma was already in the hospital that we can tell you that this was your baby sister."

"So you lied to not only me but Chaerin!?"Jiyong yelled in rage.

"we only lied to you to protect you! We were going to tell you!"his father yelled.

"Shhh..Chaerin is sleeping"His mother said.

"Wait so your not even going to tell her?!"


"So you're leaving this a lie!?"

"we loved her like she was our blood! But since she isn't she can't marry like you will. "

"So she's the lucky one cause she was the adopted one! She doesn't have to go through a fucking arranged marriage like I Do?!"

"Your sister...is strong on the outside but on the inside is very weak. Imagine telling you that we aren't your parents and that your parents really didn't want you! It will kill her."His mother said.

"So you expect me to keep this secret!?"

"Yes. If you love your sister at all..then you will keep this a secret."His father said.

Jiyong bit his lower lip then left the room before saying with his back towards his parents "you're lucky that I love her this much."He said before leaving the room and up to his bedroom with a slam.


Chaerin looked at her brother with a frown. "oppa you drank too much again."She said stomping her foot as she saw her 22 year old brother drunk and calling her out of college to pick him up again. She may be 19 but she was able to get into this club without even any ID.Reason. She knew the owner. IT was her brother's best friend, Young Bae's club.

"Chaerin-ah..."His voice slurring."Do you love me?"

"Of course I do."She said before giving him a cheeky smile.

"No I mean..if we weren't blood related,"he bit his lip as he said that. "Would you love me?"

"What do you mean oppa?" She said now dropping his arm and looking at him with a shocked face.

"I mean if we were just complete strangers...would you love me?"He said before taking another shot and looking at her with a look that even she couldn't comprehend.

"I don't know oppa..."She said softly. "would we even meet that way?"She asked then shook her head. "come on oppa. its obvious you drank too much."She said before putting her brother's arm around her neck but didn't expect her brother to pull up and kiss her smack on the lips with enough passion to create a storm. "o-oppa!" She said before pulling away.

Jiyong frustrated pulled her back into a kiss and bit her lower lip hard so she would open her mouth before sticking his alcohol covered tongue into his underage sister's mouth. Sucking and fighting he started playing with his sister's tongue.

Chaerin in complete shock kept trying to push him away. "get off!"She said before finally pushing him away before touching her lips. Her tingling with electricity lips. She just shook it off. "oppa your too drunk."She said before grabbing his arm again and finally pulling him off his chair and getting him out of the club.

Jiyong sighed and just followed his sister out of the club and let himself just be knocked out as he fell into her backseat and letting himself fall asleep and dream about what life would be without having his sister as his sister but as his lover.

Author's Note: So nicely done i Think. Most people suspected that Jiyong liked her. But in reality you never realized that it was always Jiyong that loved her. Not starting with Chaerin but with Jiyong but he buried his feelings so far down that he doesn't even know if they are still there or not. Next chapter will be like this but in Chaerin's POV. Please cmmt >3

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Eveciel_dragon on January 16th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
this is written very well.
Your plot is original :D I have never heard of gd and cl being siblings :DDD